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Smokie Snack Stick Sampler Bundle Hot and Sassy

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Frightenedly Lip Snackable and NOT for the faint of heart. Our Hot and Sassy collection offers a variety of flavors from just the right amount of sweet and spice to Carolina Reaper pants on fire.

When you choose this bundle, you will receive 2 smokies of each flavor totaling 10 smokies:

Carolina Reaper Smokie Snack Sticks

Tex Mex Smokie Snack Sticks

Habanero Smokie Snack Sticks Blend

Buffalo Wing Smokie Snack Sticks

Sweet & Spicy Smokie Snack Sticks

Approximately 1 Lb. of tasty greatness delivered right to your door!

Smokie Snack Stick Sampler Bundle Hot and Sassy